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WFA stops authenticating to VMware vCenter


Recently upgraded to WFA 2.1. Within the last three days (after the upgrade), WFA no longer acquires VMware VC, throws this error instead:

          You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

I have validated the credentials are good by logging into vCenter.

Which log files should I check to get more detail on the error message?




Re: WFA stops authenticating to VMware vCenter

We discovered the cause of the error.

We were configuring a new datacenter within the vCenter server - total of two datacenters. The second datacenter had been created, but no ESX hosts or clusters were created within the datacenter.

The WFA (2.1) datasource for vCenter returned the error above because there were no items within the datacenter. Removing the datacenter cleared the problem.

We have reported this as a bug to be fixed in the vCenter datasource code.


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