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WFA upgrade


In WFA IAG it is mentions that to upgrade WFA version

1 .we have to backup the database of current WFA .

2. Uninstall current WFA.

3. Install the upgrade version and Restore the database.

is there any reason behind it? why we are not able upgrade like any other off-tap product.where there is no need to do database backup and restore for upgrade?




Re: WFA upgrade


There's a reason for it, though I believe it will be reconsidered in the future.

WFA has an internal cache DB and a configuration DB.

One of the phases during the upgrade (The restoration) takes the DBs and upgrades them to match any required changes

made to the certified content on the new release. This includes complete rebuild of the DB schema.

While probably possible to do in an in-place upgrade, its nicer and safer to do a clean installation and freshly deploy the DB for
restore ( & upgrade) and have that pre-upgrade DB in hand for revert, should a need arise (We cannot be held accountable to all
non-certified components, and one may break if it was created in a non-conformant way).

The only difference between the proposed scenario is the uninstall - And surely that's not a big thing to do... 🙂


Yaron Haimsohn

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Re: WFA upgrade

Hi Yaron,

when we try to do installation when there is an WFA instance already exist.

The installer throws error "setup cannot continue, the following TCP ports are busy HTTP 80 ,HTTPs 443, MySQL 3306".

Instead of this error we can have popup message or error message stating "Either WFA is already installed or if u want to upgrade please follow the upgrade procedure in IAG"

This will avoid confusion.



Re: WFA upgrade

Hi Sundar,

Well, some other application can occupy some of those ports as well 🙂

Since the upgrade procedure is well documented in the IAG - I think this is pretty much covered.

Then again - It might be good to hint at that possibility....

I will open a feature idea for their consideration.



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