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WFA - user input query for custom vsc datasource



I have a custom csv datasource of network devices and am building a workflow for users to run commands on a device selected by used input.  The workflow should query the csv datasource and allow the user to select the appropriate device through a dropdown menu.  I've done similar operations on CDOT clusters using SQL queries within the user input however cannot get this to work on my custom datasource.  All queries I try fail with "Failed to execute query for user input:  No database selected".


Is what I'm trying to do even possible or would I have to use some other method to have a user select objects within a custom csv datasource?





Re: WFA - user input query for custom vsc datasource

Hello Ben,

The user input query works with the WFA databse, so You have to import your CSV file into the WFA database before. Check this post

Hoe this help,

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Re: WFA - user input query for custom vsc datasource

Thanks Pablo.  I believe I've already done this while using the following as a guide.  Both on-demand and scheduled datasource aquisitions for this CSV are successfull and I can confirm I see the file in WFA's temp directory after aquisition.


Unless there is something additional I need to do in order to get the data into WFA DB?

Thank again,


Re: WFA - user input query for custom vsc datasource

Sorry, I've never used this perl script but the powershell that I sent before. I usually connect to the WFA database with a MySQL client in order to verify that the data are correctly imported.

Re: WFA - user input query for custom vsc datasource

Apologies, the link in my first reply was wrong.  I've updated the link with the video I used to create the custom datasource from csv.


I confirmed via MySQL Workbench that data within the csv is indeed being imported into WFA's MySQL database.  Perhaps I just need guidance on creating SQL queries for the workflow's user input.  I'll try using MySQL Workbench query editor for this purpose.


Thanks for your input!


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