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Web Browser Selection

Due to corporate governance, yes I suffer just like our users, I'm stuck using IE7.  I have various ways of working around this, however, I have issues with the new System Manager.  I have found that running System Manager 2.0 with Chrome works a lot better.  However, since IE 7 has to be my default browser (IT security) I have to start System Manager and then copy the URL with the SID to Chrome and work on it that way.  Is there a way to start System Manager with the browser I want?  Other then this manual pain in the rear?


Web Browser Selection


       In System Manager Browser Path can be set by clicking on tools---->options and set the browser path , please

note that Chrome is not a supported Browser for System Manager.Since IE 7 is the default browser for security reasons it would be advisable to use System Manager with the same.



Re: Web Browser Selection

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