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Where do I download Systems Manager for OSX?


Hello, we recently acquired a new NetApp and need to configure it beyond what the install tech completed. All of our desktops are OSX 10.8. I see many forum posts indicating versions are available, but none of the posts seem to have an actual download locations. Maybe I am completely blind, but it seems every post with a download location no longer has it. Our NetApp has version 8.1.2P1 on it if that makes a difference. I'd be happy with any functioning version. Thank you!


Re: Where do I download Systems Manager for OSX?


I'm in the same boat; several posts talking about different versions, but don't see where it's actually available for download.

Re: Where do I download Systems Manager for OSX?


System Manager OSX build has been taken off from communities to adhere to NetApp legal guidelines. We are trying to find an alternative on where to host the files in compliance with legal requirements. We will provide an update as we have more information.

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