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Workflow Scheduling

Hello Guys,


I am looking for a possibility so that i can schedule another workflow after the current workflow is completed.

An example:

- Create user and this User will be deleted after a specified period.


My Plan was to have two workflows:

Workflow 1:

- Create user

- Schedule another workflow to be able to trigger "workflow 2"


Workflow 2:

- Remove the user created with "Workflow 1"


I have found an example which does schedule a Workflow, but that’s more of a reoccurring schedule and does schedules the same workflow.





Re: Workflow Scheduling

Hi Sheel:


Have you tried the workflow calling workflow feature.

Here are my thoughts.


1. You can create a master workflow.

2. That can call workflow1 and after that workflow2.

3. Put a wait after workflow1, meaning after how much time workflow2 will be called.


This hopefully will solve the problem.




Re: Workflow Scheduling

Yeah thats what I thought, but then will the workflow not have a timeout setting of say 15 min.

i have a idea for deleting the user within a period of 3-4 days.

Re: Workflow Scheduling

The timeout can be set for 10days (864000 secs).

Please check 'Wait for Volume Move' command.

Wait Interval you can set for the max value(3hrs) accepted (10800secs).




Re: Workflow Scheduling

Thanks for the suggestion.
3 hours is good enough. 
I managed to created a loop with with wait.... with this one iteration is to wait for one hour and loop it by the number of hour it needs to wait.

Re: Workflow Scheduling

Cool stuff.




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