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Connect with peers about the NetApp OnCommand suite of storage management software, including OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand System Manager, OnCommand Insight, OnCommand Balance, and OnCommand Workflow Automation.

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Hi All,   I've a problem with a workflow after I've updated WFA version from 4.1 to 5.0.1.  An user input query which select a snapshot drops an error more
The NFS-connections and snapmirror dashboard is giving me this error.   Templating init failed Datasource named ${DS_GRAPHITE} was not found
Hello all,   A customer asked if this is possible to use WFA to deliver SVMs and activate NFSv4.0 and NFSv4.1.   Thank you. Regards,   Quang-Chinh
OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) is now Active IQ Unified Manager. Unified Manager 9.6 offers enhanced operational simplicity along with enhancements more
We use OCUM to create alerts when a volume his 80% and 90% utilization, but we would really like to have a directory listing of the directories in tha more
I am able to authenticate and get metrics data from storagegrid web gui but the same ser more
I basically deployed a fresh UM install with latest version. All my filers are 9.6P3 1x AFF, 1x2650, 1x8020HA, 1x8020S, 1x2554HA   the last one hangs more
I'm using WFA to create a new qtree in an existing volume, and then using the 'Set Quota' command. The problem I'm having is it's not activating the q more
Hello. I have about 6 IBM Storwize V7000s to add into OCI but I'm a bit unclear on what data source to use. Our array admin, given the choices, says t more
I am looking for Qtree counters in Harvest/Grafana. In the template Qtrees are mentioned in the "workload" section. It is enabled by default but I can more