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Connect with peers about the NetApp OnCommand suite of storage management software, including OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand System Manager, OnCommand Insight, OnCommand Balance, and OnCommand Workflow Automation.

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I am attempting to write an EMS event query using the NMSDK against cDOT clusters that will only return events from a given timestamp forward. This wo more
The last few versions of NMSDK have contained a syntax error in the Perl module located at lib/perl/NetApp/ The error appears to be t more
Hi, I setup Netapp Harvest following Administration guide, I can start the pollers and they seem to be sending data to graphite   [2019-06-17 17:02:00 more
The "NetApp Harvest Installation and Administration Guide 1.4.2" names SDK Version 5.6 as working, but where can i get such old version ? We used the more
We are happy to announce that Harvest 1.4.1 is released!   You can download the new release from ToolChest. Main updates are: - Harvest will accept ol more
we are not seeing ocum volume 1week chart accurate info one one of our users its showing insufficient historical data and two days old snapshot used more
Hi All,   We use the OCI connector pack in our current version of WFA (4.2), however I am rebuilding WFA 5.0 on a new server and am unable to import t more
Hello,  1) are you aware of an SW licensing requirements for NetApp using NDMP backups to IBM's SP 8.1. Also, do you know if there are any licensing r more
I don't know if this is possible in WFA but hoping it is and someone can help.   I have a workflow to add export-rules to a given export-policy. Curre more
Currently installed NAbox 2.5bb (2018-05-01)NMSDK 9.4Harvest 1.4 ONTAP 9.3P4 OCUM 7.3P1   PERF data is present for new switchless FAS2650 cluster but more