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can't login into a controller

Hi, I am trying to manage two FAS2370 controllers running ONTAP 8.0.3 (7-mode) from OnCommand System Manager 2.0 (version The Manager was able to discover both filers just fine and is reporting their status as "up." But when I click "Login", enter credentials, and click "Sign in" on any of them, after a minute or so I am getting:


2013-02-13 09:49:08,057

Connection timed out

No details are available.

No suggested corrective action is available.

Location is not specified.

App Name: Netscape
App Version: 5.0 (Windows)
App Codename: Mozilla
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:18.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/18.0
Platform: Win32
Cookie Enabled: true

No problems logging in into FAS 3040 running 8.1.2 (7-mode).

When trying to create a support bundle, I am getting:


Problem accessing /supportBundleServlet/ Reason:


Any ideas about what may be going on?



Re: can't login into a controller

You need to be logged in as Administrator to generate support bundle.

Also, is SSL configured in the controllers  and are you able to ping the controllers from the host (I am guessing ping should have worked as It got added to System Manager successfully )?



Re: can't login into a controller

Thank you, Karthik. After starting OCSM  with "Run as administrator," I was able to create the bundle and it's attached to my original post.

ssl1 and ssl2 are enabled on the controllers, but it's not necessary anyway, I think. My another filer has ssl disabled, but I have no problems logging in into it after selecting "Continue without secure connection."

Sure I can ping the controllers from the host.

Re: can't login into a controller

Thanks for the info. Our engineering team is looking into it and I will get back soon.



Re: can't login into a controller

Are the following options enabled on the controller

options httpd.enable

options httpd.admin.enable

If they are not on, can you set it to on and then try accessing the controllers via SM?


Re: can't login into a controller

httpd.admin was enabled, but httpd wasn't. Doing "options httpd.enable on" failed with "HTTP is not licensed." How does one get the license? How much is it? Luckily FilerView works fine. Yet it won't after I upgrade to 8.1.2. Will I need a license after upgrading?

Re: can't login into a controller

FilerView is EOL starting Data ONTAP 8.1. System Manager is the element management tool that needs to be used for controllers running Data ONTAP version 8.1 and above.

For License entitlement and cost you need to get in touch with your NetApp contact or support.



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