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create cifs requires internal_path to be set ...?

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hi folks

it looks like the "internal_path" property is required for creating a new CIFS share, but this isn't noted as mandatory (and, given that we're providing a Qtree, does it need to be?)

Error registering variable: 'newShare' as its attributes do not include all natural key attributes of the object 'Cifs'.

Missing natural keys [internal_path]

Failed to resolve a mandatory parameter: 'ShareName' for command: 'Create CIFS Share' using value: '' in row: 1

Failed to evaluate find-chart: 'setCifsShare' to resolve variable: 'newShare'

we can resolve this by setting "internal_path"   to   fullQtreePathName(,$ExportName)   - but we're providing that info anyway!

what gives?


create cifs requires internal_path to be set ...?

Hi Peter,

I apologize, but that's currently a known issue we are trying to work around with

(And please forgive me for not putting all the details here, it's something releted to the internal

presentation of dictionary objects).

You can put anything there. Even "" would work.

The command does not use that value anyway but creates is from the other values.


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