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designate Ethernet port on controller for ACP.

i am installing DS4243 Shelf on FAS3140 and it require an ACP port, and don't have on the FAS3140.

from the document i read is says : If your storage system does not have a dedicated ACP on board Ethernet port on each controller for ACP, you will designate them at setup.

so can any one help me in that ? how it can be done or send me document to read it?



Re: designate Ethernet port on controller for ACP.

You can use any free gigabit port on the FAS3140 and dedicate it for ACP use.  The acpadmin command sets up acp, or you can manually configure with options acp to specify the interface and enable acp.

designate  Ethernet port  on controller  for ACP.

thanks for your help, that work