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dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

so, i want to see statistics from the cli for a specific volume and I'm trying -C volume:volumename:cifs_read_latency but it keeps giving me all the volumes.


Is there a way to get just a single volume?


Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

You will want to use the "-o" option on the "dfm perf data retrieve" command to specify a specific object whose counters you wish to query.


C:\>dfm perf data retrieve help

    retrieve -- This command allows you to extract the counter data
                with supported statistical calculations on them.

    dfm perf data retrieve { [ -o object-name-or-id ... ] [ -C perf-counter ... ]
                           [ -V view-name ] }
                           [ -d duration ] [ -b start-time ] [ -e end-time ]
                           [ -M month ... ] [ -D weekday ... ] [ -T time-range ... ]
                           [ -m statistical-method [ -P percentile-value ]
                           [ -S data-advance-method ] ]
                           [ -s sample-rate ] [ -x output-format ] [ -R ]


Description of options:

    -o Object instance for which data is to be retrieved. Multiple object
       instances can be specified. Specifying a parent will retrieve data
       for all its children.

    -C A counter of the form object-name:counter-name (ex. system:cpu_busy).
       Multiple counters can be specified.



So in your case, the CLI would be something like "dfm perf data retrieve -o yourvolumename -C volume:cifs_read_latency".  Note that you don't put the volume name in the counter parameter.  You can put multiple "-C" parameters on a single command line if you need multiple counters for the same object, for instance:


dfm perf data retrieve -o yourvolumename -C volume:cifs_read_latency -C volume:cifs_write_latency -C volume:cifs_other_latency


If you use multiple counters within a single retrieve another option to consider is "-x TimeIndexed" which organizes the output in a tabular format by sample time.  If you specify counters that are updated on un-correlated schedules or if you specify multiple objects that might have uncorrelated collection schedules you may run into some odd results on a TimeIndex report, since DFM tries to make sense of all the data in a single aggregation.


Hope this helps you.


Bob Greenwlad

Lead Storage Engineer, Huron Legal

Huron Consulting Group

NCDA | NCIE-SAN Clustered Data OnTap




Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

That doesn't seem correct.  -o you can't use volume name.. Its telling me there is no object

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

Question - 7-mode or clustered Data OnTap?

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

This is a 7-mode environment.  There is CLI for cdot

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

To get the form of the volume instance names you need, run the command:


dfm perf counter list <controller>:volume:*:*:*:*


substituting the name of your 7-mode controller.  If I remember right in 7-mode the volume name form is either controller-name:/volume-name or controller-name:/vol/volume-name, but the counter list command will display the form you need.


Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

I'm sorry , but these aren't working either..

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

Ok - so the really old fashioned steps:


Please confirm the version of OnCommand Unified Manager - just for grins.


Can you display the output of the "dfm perf counter list" command with what you entered and what it gave you back?


Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

We are using 5.2.1 - latest for that platform.


dfm perf counter list doesn't give us back anything


Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

It gave you nothing? As in just the prompt returned?


Literally, to continue I need to see cut/paste of what you typed and what came back.  It should have at least generated an error message.


Reference dfm perf cli

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

Also - please check whether Performance Advisor is enabled (just one of the "obvious" things to verify).


C:>dfm option list perfAdvisorEnabled
Option Value
------------------ ------------------------------
perfAdvisorEnabled Enabled


If it isn't enabled, definitely turn it on.  Most performance counter data isn't collected if PerformanceAdvisor isn't enabled.

Re: dfm perf data retreive a specific volume

Ok, Im pretty well versed in dfm, and I appreciate your help, which is leading me to more confusion as to why this doesn't work.


 dfm perf data retrieve -o filer1 -C volume:volumeb:cifs_read_latency -C volume:volumebS:nfs_read_latency -s 300 -b
"2015-04-01 16:00:00" -e "2015-04-03 21:30:00" 


That returns all the volumes on filer1 cifs_read and nfs_read latency

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