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dfm perf data retrieve for last 7 days

Hi we have DFM 4.0.2 running on a red hat box. I would like to collect DFM perf data every sunday for the previous 7 days, does anyone know how to do this? i only see options for specifying a date range.

this is the command i would like to run:

dfm perf data retrieve -o netapparray01 -C system:cpu_busy -C system:fcp_ops -C system:nfs_ops -C system:cifs_ops -C system:iscsi_ops -C system:disk_data_read -C system:disk_data_written -C system:net_data_receive -C system:net_data_sent -C nfsv3:nfsv3_read_latency -C nfsv3:nfsv3_write_latency -C fcp:fcp_read_data -C fcp:fcp_write_data -C fcp:fcp_read_latency -C fcp:fcp_write_latency --x timeindexed

Thank you

Aaron G.


Re: dfm perf data retrieve for last 7 days

Hi Aaron,

I'm not sure about DFM 4.0.2, but in DFM 5.1 you can specify the number of seconds in the past using:

-d Duration for which data is to be retrieved (in seconds). The time is

     calculated going backwards from the current time. When this option

     is specified, start-time and or end-time are ignored.

So setting -d 604800 should give you the last 7 days from the moment of command invocation

Kind Regards


Re: dfm perf data retrieve for last 7 days


    PA features hasnt changed much since then. Yes you can do what chris explains in 4.0.2 as well.



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