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dfm perf view CLI question


I'm trying to create a view for a couple of counters under wafl:read_io_type:




I've gotten as far as creating a view and chart goes, but when I try to add the actual counter, I'm running into this problem:

dfm perf view counter add -n filer1 -i wafl ram_pam_disk_cli ram_pam_disk_cli_chart1 wafl:read_io_type:disk

Error: Invalid labels specified for counter wafl/read_io_type

To check my syntax I tried:

dfm perf view counter add -n filer1 -i ec0 ram_pam_disk_cli ram_pam_disk_cli_chart1 ext_cache_obj:hit

That worked fine.  I can also do what I want to do in PA GUI where I just drill down from filer to wafl to read_io_type down to cache/ext_cache/etc.  I think where I'm running into trouble is in the GUI, I have to drill down one more level to get from read_io_type to disk/cache/etc and I don't have to do that for a lot of other counters that I can create views for.  Is there a different separator I need to use for the "labels"?


Re: dfm perf view CLI question


did you find an answer for that ? I have the same question. I would like to monitor a Flash Pool configuration by using the counters wafl:read_io_type:cache, wafl:read_io_type:hya_non_cache, wafl:read_io_type:hya_cache, wafl:read_io_type:hdd but it seems that these counters are not available through the command line.



Re: dfm perf view CLI question

The short answer is you can't do this from the CLI, it is a known issue and there is an open bug report on it.

You should be able to add the labels through the UI, but not through the CLI.

Phil Bachman

Re: dfm perf view CLI question

thank you for your answer

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