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dfm perf view create cli

I am trying to use cli to create perf view
What should be object name ?,tried few other ways

C:\>dfm perf view create  -c nycps-filer1a:e0a:ifnet::total_errors  IFNET_ERRORS1
300 172800
Error: Invalid counter specification.
A valid  counter must be of the form:
Everything but the appliance-name field can have the "*" to indicate  any.
If the ':' appears in any field, the ':' must be replaced by a  '::',
otherwise the ':' will be treated as a separator and not part of the  field name.

C:\>dfm perf view create  -c nycps-filer1a:ifnet:e0a:ifnet:total_errors  IFNET_ER
RORS1 300 172800
Error: Counter ifnet/ifnet not found for host  nycps-filer1a (80)


Re: dfm perf view create cli

Hi Srikanth,

Below is the cli to get a counter name.

root@lnx~# dfm perf counter list flakes:ifnet:e0a:total_errors

Object    Instance                 Counter                  Label1    Label2    Unit      Priv

-------   ---------                --------                 -------   -------   -----     -----

ifnet     e0a                      total_errors                                 per_sec   basic

[root@lnx ~]#

[root@lnx~]# dfm perf view create  help


    create -- create a new view


    dfm perf view create [ -c <counter-name> | -d -C <perf-counter> ]  [-S] [ -t <chart-name> ]

        [ -a <appliance-name-or-id> | -g <group-name-or-id> | -n <object-name-or-id> ]

                <view-name> <sample-rate> <sample-buffer>


    create a new performance view

    sample-rate and sample-buffer should be specified in seconds

    Use -d along with the -C option to create dynamic top-N chart

    The format of perf-counter is <object-name>:<counter-name>:<label1-name>:<label2-name>

    Use -S to create a view with an events block

    Use -t to specify the name of the chart to which the

    counter should be added.

[root@lnx ~]# dfm perf view create -c flakes:ifnet:e0a:total_errors -t test cust_view 5 123456

View cust_view created successfully

[root@lnx ~]# dfm perf view help



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