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dfm report agruments

How do i find what arguments predifined reports take ?

I can query disks report with filername as argument

dfm report view disks (filername)

I am looking to list all disks for a Filer and aggregate,if possible to give argument to below reports

disks-filer               summary of disks attached to storage systems
disks-aggr                summary of disks attached to aggregates

I can get the same information from database query of disk view


Re: dfm report agruments

As a rule of thumb all parent catalog of a report can be given as  argument for a report.

For example

if its a filer/storage system report, then it only takes a filer name/id/ip

if its a aggr report then it takes filers and list all aggrs in a filer.

if its a volume report its takes filers/vfiler/aggrs/volume and not qtree or lun.

Hope this helps.