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dfpm dataset cifsaccess

I am testing cifs access permissions using dfpm,

I did not see the updated permissions for the cifs shares of the dataset

How to use cli  for only one cifs share  in a Dataset ?


C:\>dfpm dataset cifsaccess  Users_Data   user1:f
Data set dry run results
No dry run results available.

Successfully modified cifs share permissions of data set data set 'Users_Data' (3035).



Re: dfpm dataset cifsaccess

When you modify cifs permission of a dataset, it wont update the existing members cifs settings.

It will be applicable to the new members that will be provisioned here after.

To give each member a different cifs permission settings, you can follow the steps like this,

a) Create a dataset without any export settings configured.

b) While provision a member in the dataet, you can give cifs permssions like this,

"dfpm dataset provision -n <name of share> -s <size> -m <cifs-domain> -p <user[:right..> <dataset>"

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