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evaluate onCommand Insight

for a customer demo ,i want to donwload and evaluate this software ,


But i have access denied at the download screen


how can i get it for a trial.???






Re: evaluate onCommand Insight



Which version of OnCommand Insight are you looking for?

You can try this link



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Re: evaluate onCommand Insight

hi and thanks a lot for  th fast response ,


i dont know  the differences between , the fact that i was in Netapp Insight ,and attendened a session about OnCommand insight.


the customer is having all the problems that the insight software can solve (as far as i had seen in the session)


the customer enviroment is some netapp controllers ,with netapp v-series ,vmware and some physical servers.


that is it.



Re: evaluate onCommand Insight

Hey Ousturali,


OCI proof of concepts are typically performed in conjunction with an OCI specialist engineer. If you email me at ostiguy at netapp dot com and let me know what country you are in, I can get you engaged with your specialist



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