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graph/report used capacity vs total per system


my customer want a report where he can see the following informations:

used capacity

total capacity (spares and free disks included)

per system or group.

we splittet our netapp farm in two areas(groups) - Datacenter and all Filer in Europe (EMEA)

dfm report view storage-systems-capacity show me the aggregat size but dont affect the free Disks

dfm graph raw-capacity-used-vs-total-1y show me the correct size but only for the whole DFM not for special groups or single systems.

For the yearly report we have also to show how is the growth from the Filer capacity over the last 5 years, is there anyway to get this information from DFM/OM?

Maybe someone else had already this problems and found a workaround.

With PA i have such a nice Tool to get performance Data, why is it not possible to create here also graphs and reports about capacity.

thanks and cheers Soeren 


graph/report used capacity vs total per system


You can give “Storage System” or a Group as input to the command“dfm graph raw-capacity-used-vs-total-1y” .

For example,

“dfm graph raw-capacity-used-vs-total-1y <GroupName>”