Data Infrastructure Management Software Discussions[1-9].vmdk capacity message from OCI

In OCI show VM asset page, I am getting this message in the bottom, and complaining about capacity 100% full on all 1-9 vmdk disks.


I am not so familiar with VMware, but the datastore volume seems under utilized, and no issues. On the VM (Linux) side, when I do df -k command, it looks fine as well, not full.


what should I check on VMware side, what cuuld be the cause?




Re:[1-9].vmdk capacity message from OCI

Hi hightsnj,

I would think the vmdk's are thick provisioned. In which case they would not need show up in OCI as being full to 100%.

Re:[1-9].vmdk capacity message from OCI

Sorry, wrote this on my iPhone. I meant indeed instead of not need.
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