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how to Hide/grayed out user input field


I have created workflow for the volume includes Create/Modify/Delete the volume.

When i wanna to delete/modify any volume,some of the input fileds(like size,guarantee,aggregate name) not required.So i want to Hide/grayed out those input fileds. Do we have any options in 2.1?

I have attached the screenshot here..




Re: how to Hide/grayed out user input field

HI Rao,

To achieve this we have introduced "Conditional User Input" feature in 2.1.

1) Go to, workflow edit-> Settings -> User Inputs Tab,

2) For "Size" user input(open it by double-click), in Dependency section, choose user-input "Action" from drop-down list

3) In applicable values, mention Create

4) follow the same procedure for guarantee/aggregate name user-inputs too.

5) Save the workflow, when you do preview/execute these fields will be enabled only for "Create" Action.

Warm Regards

Sivaprasad K

Re: how to Hide/grayed out user input field

It is possible to hide these user input fields.

In 2.1RC1 there are some samples demonstrating the same.

Example: Controller and shelf upgrade of a HA pair.

Open the workflow in the Designer screen.

SetUp->Setup Details-->UserInput->Click on FirstNodePortMapping->Edit Variable screen will pop up.

See the "Dependency" group in that dialog box.

You can choose which variables to depend on and show/hide the values.



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Re: how to Hide/grayed out user input field

Thanks works.



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