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how to connect Mysql workbench to OCUM database



the subject says it all. OCUM 9.4 vmware appliance. I know how to enable diag user and then how to connect to the mysql db using ssh and then sudo mysql. It looks like the port 3306 needs to be enabled somewhere and also I don't know how to connect via mysql user.


Please help.

Thank you



Re: how to connect Mysql workbench to OCUM database


Hi Jan,


no need to enable the diag user and work your way through the CLI. There is an easier and officially documented way to get to the data:


regards, Niels



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Re: how to connect Mysql workbench to OCUM database


you need to add a user which has the right to access from remote IPs.


in mysql cli do something like

grant select on *.* to remote@'%' identified by 'password';


The port is accessible by default in OVA - if you have Windows, RHEL or CentOS you need to modify the firewall settings accordingly.

Then connect Workbench with this user. With "select" in the example the user has only read rights. Editing may have unexpected results....

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