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how to delete old DFM controller information ?

Hi experts,


we had a fas-2040 named "naana006" and a fas-2040 named "naana030" at first , then we combined "naana006" and "naana030" to a new naana030 , the old naana006 became "naatest01" , at that time, the hostname "naana006" is no longer in use.


later we bought a new fas-2554 and we apply the "naana006" to it.


now when i add the ip of the fas-2554 to DFM, it turns out "naana006,fas-2040"


when i add the hostname "naana006",it turns out"naana006,fas-2040" too ,  not the fas-2554


in a word , it looks like that naana006 is still mapped to the old fas-2040 even if i use "dfm host delete" or "dfm controller delete" to delete the host.



does anybody knows how to resolve this ?







Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

I just had a case opened for almost exact issue.  if you run "dfm host list -a", you might see your deleted/old host listed.  DFM wasn't purging our old data. 


I had to stop DFM (except sql service), take backup then run this to purge. 


for /f "tokens=1" %i in ('"dfm host list -a | findstr /i "yes""') do dfm host delete -f %i


Worked for me (on 5.2.1)

Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

DFM purges the old information via : dfm host delete -f <hostid>.


Note the option -f delete the purges the data from DB.


The command need to be eexcuted by disabling all the services except sql.


After executing the command restart the dfm services, and then add the host.





Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

hi, i'm sorry but how do i stop services except sql ?


would you please provide me the commands?  Tks.

Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

The following command displays which dfm services are started. Here all the service started

# dfm service list
sql: started
webui: started
http: started
eventd: started
monitor: started
scheduler: started
server: started
watchdog: started


The following command stops all the services of dfm

# dfm service stop
Service: watchdog stopped.
Service: server stopped.
Service: scheduler stopped.
Service: monitor stopped.
Service: eventd stopped.
Service: http stopped.
Service: webui stopped.
SQL Anywhere Stop Server Utility Version
Service: sql stopped.


Check whether all the services are stopped

# dfm service list
sql: not started
webui: not started
http: not started
eventd: not started
monitor: not started
scheduler: not started
server: not started
watchdog: not started


Start the service sql
# dfm service start sql
Service: sql started.


#dfm host delete -f <hostid>


Then restart the other services

#dfm service start


The add the host . Example

dfm host add <ipaddress of host> hostlogin="username" hostpassword="password"


Note: Instead of stopping each service, i have stopped all the services. Then restarted the sql. user can stop each servicce individually

example: dfm service stop monitor

              dfm service stop server






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Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

Thank you so much !

I'll try later.

Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

First: 'dfm host list'

Then try using 'dfm host delete -f a.b.c.d' (a.b.c.d is the IP-address of the controller you want to remove)


Without -f not all information is being removed.


I struggled with this a few weeks ago and '-f' did the trick for me. I didn't need to stop/start services.

Re: how to delete old DFM controller information ?

It works. Thank you all guys.
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