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how to get volume language

All, I'm trying to develop a workflow that will create a DP volume with the same language as the source volume. get-ncvol does not return a language attribute. See below:

C:\Users\stephen2> $v = Get-NcVol -Template
C:\Users\stephen2> Initialize-NcObjectProperty $v VolumeStateAttributes    $v.VolumeStateAttributes.IsVserverRoot
C:\Users\stephen2> Get-NcVol -Query $v | select Name, Vserver, language

name                                                       Vserver                                                    language

--------                                                      -------                                                    ------
t1a_root                                                cdot1a
t1b_root                                                cdot1b
vol                                                     cdot1b
rdata                                                   cdot1b
t1c_root                                                cdot1c

Anyone know how to get the language attribute so I can pass it as a parameter to the nc_createvol ?


Re: how to get volume language

Use this


Re: how to get volume language

got it:

$cmd = 'volume show srcvol -fields language'

$a = invoke-ncssh $cmd


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