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how to install and setting fas2220

hello all,

I do not really know how to configure the array netapp.

Can you help me?


Re: how to install and setting fas2220


The question you have posted is very generic, I am attaching some helpful documents for you to Install and also to configure. For setting up the filer you need to understand the business requirements and set it up accordingly. Data ONTAP 8.1.1 and later releases support  the FAS2220 platform.

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Re: how to install and setting fas2220

Hi Ravi,

thank you very much, I will read these documents.
I do not know at all what I perimeters and a little scared.
I have installed 4 VM vmware on a partition, a partition for centralized office files and a partition for backups.
is that I can write to you if I need advice?


Re: how to install and setting fas2220

Hi Nabyle,

You are welcome! You can always ask any questions for troubleshooting and for advice on any thing you need, but I am not sure how helpful we can be for you to setup the whole environment? its better you get direct help though netapp onsite resident if you are not very comfortable with these installations and initial setup.

At the same time feel free to ask any thing here and we will do our best to help you through this awesome community

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Re: how to install and setting fas2220

Hi Nabyle,

I suggest you better get good training or hire professional services to install and configure, from their you can take the operational things.

Always the storage is core layer for all your infrastructure needs.

thank you


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