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looking for wfa 2.0


Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Hey Francois

That link has been closed as we are in the process of moving the download site to

WFA 2.0 will be made available via Software Downloads on shortly

Do you need access to the beta release urgently ?

Kind regards


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Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Not really, I can wait. But would like to know if recursive schedule is supported now .


Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Recursive schedule will not be there in 2.0 version. But we have plans to address it in one of the future releases ( if not next).



Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Hi folk,

I'm waiting WFA 2.0 for few days and nothing appears on download page. I cannot be waiting another week, could you give me a link to download the last version ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Hi Mathias,

I am adding you to the WFA 2.0 group. Currently we released 2.0 RC1 but the formal release should be out in a week (More likely even closer), and would be placed at the NOW (NSS) Portal.



Re: looking for wfa 2.0

Hi Yaron,

I too required to download WFA 2.0. Please add me to WFA 2.0 group.

Thanks and Regards


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