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netapp-harvest Volume Throughput issue



I use FAS8040 cDOT8.2.4P4

One Volume NFS write throughput is 45000MB/s in netapp-harvest 1.2.2.

However, QoS Throughput shows correct values


I found the following information


I think it is probably the same.


Is there a way to make the correct graph on harvest?




Re: netapp-harvest Volume Throughput issue

it might be a bug.. probably Chris has more to share

Re: netapp-harvest Volume Throughput issue

Hi @hashiya1112


I heard from another customer that upgrading to ONTAP 9.1 solved the issue.  If you can't upgrade, the only other workaround I can suggest is to update any graph panels that show the volume  'write_data' metric and instead make it the 'qos_write_data' metric which is functional.


Hope this helps!


Chris Madden

Solution Architect - 3rd Platform - Systems Engineering NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: netapp-harvest Volume Throughput issue

Hi @Jeff_Yao  @madden


Thank you for reply


I understand resolved ONTAP9.1.

Now I can not upgrade.


Instead check qos_write_data on the dashboard.


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