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Re: netapp oncommand system manager - webgui incorrect format

I tried lots of different browsers, it clearly doesn't depend on the browser , it is an resolution issue , I will test with changing the resolution more and post back some results , although it would be nice if netapp would find a more permanent solution as widescreen and higher resolution screens are becomming more and more common




tested with a 2560x1440 screen. noticed that the problem only exists when 125% scaling is on , in other scale factors no problem.

to fix it in 125% scale , first open all screens, tabs  with colloms in an other scale , then go back to 125% scale.

Can't say yet for how long this helps.




Found that it works quicker to change your browser from maximized to window size , then it corrects the colloms and you can put it back to maximize.

so easely said , just press the butten next to the close [x] twice and the layout is fixed.