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no user_quota Data available in WFA Database

anyone know that kind of issue / problem, futhermore the corrosponding solution?

Thanks a lot for your replies!

Regards Jens


Re: no user_quota Data available in WFA Database


Due to the potential volume of data for user quotas, the acquisition of this data from OnCommand/DFM server is disabled by default.

If you have workflows or you are developing workflows that depend on this data, then you can turn it on by:

1. Go to Tools Menu -> WFA Configuration Menu

2. Go to Other tab

3. In the entry for "Disable acquisition for Dictionary Entries", remove the entry "storage.user_quota"

4. The next periodic acquisition (if configured) for your DFM server should acquire the data

5. Or, you can trigger an on-demand acquisition by right click the data source and selecting "Acquire Now"




Re: no user_quota Data available in WFA Database

hi Shailaja,

many thanks, looks / works fine right now ..



Re: no user_quota Data available in WFA Database

I have run ino the same problem today (~ two years later) but my version of WFA (v2.2) doesn't have the 'Disable acqistion for Dictionary Entries' option that I see. Here is my test-case:



I've created two user quotas (smith, jones) on a volume called 'users' as seen here at the end of my /etc/quota file

filer> rdfile /etc/quota



smith user@/vol/users 3145728K - - - -

jones user@/vol/users 1048576K - - - -



They show up in System Manger 3.1

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.04.48 PM.png



They DO NOT show up in OCUM 5.2 even though I've done [Refresh Monitoring Samples] on Controllers, Volumes and Qtrees ??]

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.06.33 PM.png



I user SQLWorkbench on the storage.user_quota table and see nothing. Looks like an empty table (after I've done Acquire Now)

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 6.08.17 PM.png





So is my problem that OCUM 5.2 is not polling the user_quotas ... and if so, why not?



Re: no user_quota Data available in WFA Database

Hi Shailaja,

                    This is for 7Mode. What about cm_storage Schema ? Do we have anything for that ?




Re: no user_quota Data available in WFA Database

I'll answer my own question: in WFA 2.2 (and later I presume) each Dictionary in the Designer tab has a "Acquistion Enabled" attribute. Just view the Dictionarys, find the 'User_Quota' dictionary which will show as Acquistion Enabled: false ... right-click and pick Enable Acquistion. I'm not sure if it was required, but I did a 

[ Reset Scheme ] on existing data sources and then 'Acquire Now' and then had a valid storage.user_quota.


NOTE: the above is talking about 7-Mode. The cm_storage.Quota_Policy and Quota_Rule say "Not Applicable" under "Acquistion Enabled" (WFA 2.2 and 3.0RC1) which I interpret to mean not supported, or not polled through/via OCUM

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