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ocum 7.2p1 custom report import failure



Currently having trouble importing a simple custom report to ocum and getting the error "

2020-01-02 12:03:31 [FATAL] [default task-8] [ReportRestApiHandler:142] - Illegal arguments passed.
java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Illegal/unsupported escape sequence near index 5


Here is the query:

select as Cluster, as svm, as Volume, volume.percentageSnapshotReserveUsed as "snapshot %"
from cluster
join aggregate
on aggregate.clusterid =
join volume
on volume.aggregateid =
join svm
on = volume.svmId
where not like '%vol%' and not like '%root%' and volume.volType not like 'dp'
order by volume.percentageSnapshotReserveUsed desc


I am not the best at sql however i didnt think I had any illegal characters in the query, especially on line 5 which is just "join volume"


Would anyone be able to tell me what I am missing?




Re: ocum 7.2p1 custom report import failure



I have not used custom reporting so can't really help you out.  However, in case you are stuck and you don't hear on it from anyone on the sql query error, then my advise would be to upgrade your OCUM to 7.3 or higher version. As 7.2 has reached end-of-verion support (31-Jul-2019), hence NetApp will not officially help troubleshoot the issue.


I think there are number of improvements in 7.3 onwards and once you are on 7.3 you can directly upgrade to 9.5.

Some reference material:
NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager Reporting for ONTAP



Re: ocum 7.2p1 custom report import failure

Thanks for your reply! We are in the process of upgrading this year. however I dont believe the issue is with the version but moreso my syntax as the error would suggest. I will most certainly give this another shot after we upgrade to a more recent version of OCUM but that wont be for some months. 

Re: ocum 7.2p1 custom report import failure

I agree. Thanks!

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