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onCommand 5.0


we use the dfm 4.0.2 for our monitoring and it send the traps to  hpopenview server. Is there in onCommand 5.0 a better way to say, stop monitoring the following system for the next hours or a other specified time?

Normal i have to remove the system from my specified monitoring queues, but i would like just hit a button to say dont monitor this system or a special kind of event.

cheers Soeren


onCommand 5.0

Nothing to that order has changed in OnCommand 5.0.

What you can do is select the object type you would like to ignore and click on delete.

Like a volume, qtree or aggr etc.

If its the entire filer you can delete the filer and stop monitoring it so no events related to the filer or its child objects are generated.

You can either use the Web UI or dfm volume delete <volume name or id>

similarly for filer, vfiler, aggr, qtree and lun.

By doing this you dont loose all the history about these object that DFM has accumulated over time.

You can get them by re-adding using dfm volume add <volume name or id>

The same applies to filer, vfiler, aggr, qtree and lun.

Hope this helps.



Re: onCommand 5.0

Hi Soeren,

You can stop monitoring the system of next hour or other specific time by using simple script in any language.

Here I am writing simple perl script which stop monitoring the storage system for specific period of time.

my $var = `dfm host delete <host-name or ip-address>`;

my $time = 36000 #  how long you don’t want to monitor the storage system, here I stop monitoring storage system for next hour.


$var = `dfm host add <host-name or ip-address>`;`

Above script will delete the storage system and then add the same storage system after one hour.

you can modify above script for other objects (volume, vfiler, qtree or lun etc.) according your requirement.

I Hope this helps.



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