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oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems


I have oncommand installed on separate windows server, which has access to netapp's vfiler0 and all vfilers in system.

Then I have oncommand host installed on vcenter.

Now when I try to associate datastore on host services, it constantly fails with "Connection timed out".

Does it try to connect vfiler from vcenter of from oncommand server at this case ?

Full error msg:

Failed in SetCredential to set the StorageCredential for the resource x.x.x.x because of : com.netapp.common.zapi.ZAPIRunnerException: ZEPHYR-10004: ZAPI call "system-get-version" to "x.x.x.x" threw exception: Connection timed out: connect

Any ideas?



Re: oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems


We have the same problem. Did you find a solution?


Re: oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems

I'm not 100% sure this is it but the first thing that comes to mind is to check the httpd.admin.access option and confirm that the host(s) trying to make the call(s) are allowed to do so.

Re: oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems

Thank you. Will check it out.

Some more details about our installation:

- We have to Vcenter/Vshere servers installed with the OnCommand Unified Manager Host 1.1 package

- One server installed with OnCommand Unified Manager Core 5.1

- Two Netapp filers

- One Vfiler

On the Core server beneath the Host Service tab, we have status up on both Host services connections.

In addition, associate is working fine on one of them for Netapp filers and for the Vfiler. On the other one associate does not work for the Vfiler, which is where we got the error message. For the physical Netapp filer it is ok.


Re: oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems

My apologies Kenneth - I saw the initial post and the reference to the ZAPI and knew that I'd been bitten by the httpd option before so I just threw it out there..  I dont have any hosts I can work with on my lab OC install at the moment so I can't replicate the configuration you've outlined.  I wouldn't rule that system option out, but it seems like this may be part of a bigger networking issue.  Are //all// of the systems on the same flat network?  Is there perhaps a route in place on one system that isn't on the other?

Sorry I can't be of more help..  Just trying to think of more things to investigate at this point.. Maybe someone else can think of something we're overlooking...

Re: oncommand 5.1 + vmware vfiler problems

Hi Mike,

Problem solved. It was a network issue. We had to add a second netcard to the Vsphere/Vcenter server since we have two networks in use.

Thank you for your help to pinpoint us in the right direction.


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