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ops mgr host add issue

When i try to manually add my second simulator to ops manager via ip or name, i recieve the following message:

Error: host sim1.sim1 (ID) already exists.

This is not the name of my second host, but is the name of my already existing host.

The second host does not exist via the Applicances section nor is it listed in the dfm database (dfm host list).

Second host does not have same hostname as first.

I can dfm host diag, ping, nslookup and tracert via ip both systems successfully.

dfm host diag successful on snmpv3 for second machine.

Ops manager license node limit 250.

Both systems are joined to domain.

Any help would be appreciated


Re: ops mgr host add issue

Check the serial number for your two simulators.

If they have the same serial number, that is probably the problem.

You'll have to give a new serial number to the sim you are trying to add.

...I'm not sure how to set the serial number on a simulator.



Re: ops mgr host add issue

I agree with Marlon. I think it's a duplicate serial# as I've seen similar behavior before. Halt your second simulator and look in the host's /sim directory (or where ever you installed it). There is a file there called ",serialno".

[root@lab-host-1 sim]# cat ,serialno

[root@lab-host-1 sim]#

Edit a digit or two of that serial number and restart the simulator.

I've seen both DFM/OpsMgr and System Manager balk at discovering or working with multiple simulators with duplicate serial#s.

PS: and if I remember correctly, this quote-unquote serial# shows within OpsMgr and SysMan as the 'System ID' which is what must really be unique


Re: ops mgr host add issue


Generally, the simulators have same serial no.

DFM uses hostname, IPaddress and serial no to identify a Storage system as new.

In your case since the serial number is same dfm is cribbing.

Do the following.

You'll see a file called serialno in the/install/path/node1 edit this to make it unique from the other.

DFM will happily discover both a two storage systems.




Re: ops mgr host add issue

That was the problem, although the books and KB do not indicate Ops Mgr looks at that field.

I also had to delete and recreate my snmpv3 user account - which gave an error message after the system ID was changed. I could login with that account successfully, but had to recreate it for ops manager.

Thanks everyone!

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