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per-client-stats enabled

I've recently noticed that all my storage systems in DFM are generating warning events for 'CIFS per-client-stats collection enabled' and 'NFS per-client-stats collection enabled'.  At one point I suspected that DFM was enabling them to gather stats, then turning them off. But, I've checked the options from the cli literally in the same minute that the alert was triggered. As suspected, the options were not enabled.  Another oddity to this, almost a minute after the alerts are shown in the webui, they are removed...looking at ack'd or deleted history, there is nothing present...

Anyone else seeing this? or have any thoughts as to why these false alerts are being triggered?

As always, thanks in advance!



Re: per-client-stats enabled

Hi Scott,

Performance Advisor has a mechanism to automatically trigger client

stats collection on the filer when it sees that the load on the storage

system has changed recently. Before enabling nfs/cifs client stats on

the storage system it sends an event with severity warning, enables the

option on the storage system for 15 seconds (by default), collects

client stats and then disables the option. If the option was

successfully disabled, a normal event is generated that makes the

earlier warning event disappear. If there was some issue and the option

could not be disabled, the normal event will not be generated and the

earlier warning event stays (and the user has to manually disable the


Looks like in your case, when you tried the CLI on the filer, it was out

of this 15 second window and hence the option was disabled. The values

used by triggering algorithm can be tweaked to suit your needs. Please

let me know if you need more details on how to modify the triggering

algorithm. Also, the automatic triggering mechanism is disabled by

default and should be enabled using autoClientStatEnabled option. If you

do not want automatic client stat detection at all, you can disable it




Re: per-client-stats enabled

Hi Scott,

One more point. The client statistics collection can also be triggered manually (using NMC or CLI). Even in this case too, the same procedure is followed (send event, set option on filer, etc). Client stats can be manually collected irrespective of the autoClientStatEnabled option.