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performance metrics

If I want to create a Finder that finds arrays where the 95th percentile of CPU utilization or network utilization is less than 50%, how would I go about it?




Re: performance metrics

At this point, the performance data is not collected in the DFM Cache.  My understanding is that this will be added into an upcoming release but I am not sure when.  I am working on a process to create Provisioning Manager resource pools that will be broken into multiple groups based on I/O capabilities and 'level of risk'.  The plan is to use Performance Advisor data and some scripting to create the resource pools based on criteria.  The pools would be changed on a daily or weekly basis using overall samples. 

I would definitely not want to use 'current' values as you need to be mindful of the potential to have spikes and drops that could cause incorrect selection.

Just my two bits....

Jeremy Goodrum


Re: performance metrics

Thanks Jeremy.  That's helpful.  I agree that I wouldn't want to use "current" values, unless they were the current trends. 

Interesting project you're working on.  Please let me know if/when you get it working.  I'd be curious to see what you've done.




Re: performance metrics

Currently, we do not cache Performance Advisor information. Yet, that is.

We are looking at several different angles to caching performance info (So you'd be able to use a finder on that).

Some include Performance Advisor and others include different tools.

At the moment there was no "stronge" requirement for caching performance issue, but we are exploring solutions

as we are fairly certain that we will get one soon enough.



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