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powershell code and wfa

if most of powershell commands work in wfa 

could not get transcript output to local txt file  with Start-Transcript/Stop Transcript 

was using this for testing code 

was able to get output from download logs ,if this is by design of WFA that all logs/output is only available from download logs 


if there is list of all WFA commandlets not in Powershell ONTAP 




Re: powershell code and wfa

Hi There,


I'm not certain if this answers your question...but you can easily find a list of the available PowerShell CmdLets (functions) in WFA by searching the XML help and .psm1 files. For example:


C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\PoSH\Modules\WFA>find /i "<command:name>" wfa.dll-Help.xml

---------- WFA.DLL-HELP.XML

C:\Program Files\NetApp\WFA\PoSH\Modules\WFAWrapper>find /i "function " WFAWrapper.psm1 | find /v "#"

---------- WFAWRAPPER.PSM1
function Get-OntapVersionFromString
function Compare-OntapVersions
function Invoke-WfaScript
function Invoke-WfaCommand
function Get-Parameter
function Test-CredentialSecure{
function Test-Credential{
function Connect-WfaController{
function Connect-WfaCluster{
function Set-WfaAcl
function Connect-WfaDfm{
function Connect-WfaVIServer{
function Test-Connect-WfaVIServer{
function New-WfaZapiServer{
function Invoke-WfaCli
function Invoke-WfaClusterCli
function checkConnection{
function ConvertFromSecureToPlain {
function HandleControllerExceptions {
function TestConnection {
function WaitFor-NcJob($secondsToWait, $jobId, $errorMessage) {
function Get-CachedController{
function Add-CachedController{
function Get-CacheFile{
function Invoke-WfaMock
function Connect-Controller {
function Invoke-MySqlQuery {
Export-ModuleMember -alias imysql -function Invoke-MySqlQuery


Hope that helps



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Re: powershell code and wfa

WFA3.0 has added web-based documentation for all Powershell cmdlets and Perl Methods which can be viewed from your browser itself. You can see the cmdlet description, details and examples on how to use them.


Login to WFA -> Help -> Support Links


WFA Support Links.png





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