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"MetroCluster Aggregate Mirroring Degraded" every 15 minutes.....



one of our Metrocluster clusters sends error message every 15 minutes "MetroCluster Aggregate Mirroring Degraded" via OCUM, but event logs are all clean. Aggregate status is OK, metrocluster check is all OK, ISL no errors:


A risk was generated by xxx that requires your attention.
Risk          - MetroCluster Aggregate Mirroring Degraded
Impact Area   - Protection
Severity      - Error
State         -  Obsolete
Source        - netapp1:aggr1
Cluster Name  - netapp11
Cluster FQDN  - x.x.x.x
Trigger Condition - MetroCluster aggregate mirroring is in a degraded state.
Description   - Netapp11  ALLE critical, error und Warning Events

and at the same time, same message with


State         - New



Someone had a similar problem?





Re: "MetroCluster Aggregate Mirroring Degraded" every 15 minutes.....

Likely an entry stuck in the database.


Please ignore :

update ocum.nodeswitchlink set linkstatus=0 where linkstatus=1;

 Just execute all other statements in the solution and it will likely solve it. If this is not the problem it will not do any harm- but having backup feels always better...

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Re: "MetroCluster Aggregate Mirroring Degraded" every 15 minutes.....



executing these statements did work.






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