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"Other Options" not working in "Edit Alarm Settings"

Please try to help with this quesion in the support forums...




Re: "Other Options" not working in "Edit Alarm Settings"

Hi Peter,

     Except for the Disable option, others under the heading "OTHER OPTIONS" are only specific to Repeat Notification and not for the first time notification.

As soon as the condition is breached, the alert is sent, but the options under "OTHER OPTIONS" only control whether repeat notification is enabled or not.

If enabled what is the time interval in which it should be active and what is the frequency at which the repeat notification needs to be sent.All this repeat

notification happen only if the event condition is still valid or until its acknowledged.

Now about the option disable, when its value is set to yes the entire alert, even the first time notification of the condition being breached doesn't trigger an alert.

Hope this helps.



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