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quota report command output limitation

Hi all,

I rely on Ontap CLI to get most of my things done. Recently i was hit with a problem which is the "ID" column 8 character report limitation. I tried to look for solution on web and seems no answer for that. However, Netapp System Manager 2.0 has better reporting but i have script running to get data from "quota report" .

Any idea how to get rid of this issue?

                                 K-Bytes             Files

Type       ID    Volume    Tree  Used      Limit     Used    Limit   Quota Specifier

----- -------- -------- -------- --------- --------- ------- ------- ---------------

user  \kkaluka   shared    Users         0   1048576      12       - *


Re: quota report command output limitation

Unfortunately you can only have the first seven characters of the user name with a preceding backslash are displayed. The domain name is omitted.

But, if you want to have multiple ID's displayed in the report you can issue the following commands.

quota report -u

quota report -x



Re: quota report command output limitation

quota report -x is what i am looking for!! Thanks Ravi!

"quota report -u" produce similar report with "quota report"

Re: quota report command output limitation


I am glad that you were able to get the report you wanted

To help others can you please mark this answered.


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