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real-time monitor over 60 nodes


I have some questions.

Customer complain about Oncommand Performance Manager.

They want to real-time monitor over 60 nodes netapp storage more specific and reliable more flexible.


What kind of performance item can I monitor as real time with Oncommand API?

Is there any Nice tool to monitor Netapp Storages ?


Waiting anyone's reply.


Thank you.






Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes

Hi @savander,


You might like to take a look at Harvest/Graphite/Grafana:


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes


Thank you for reply.

I already checked that. but I need commercial tool that can be supported by monitoring tool engineer.

Because if I recommand freeware tool to customer, he will ask to make a monitering tool to me. 😞 .   I don't want that 🙂

Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes

You can use Cacti and SNMP if customer know about how to use it,


my customer is use Cacti and Harvest right now.



Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes



I am sure about that Korea customer will not do anyting by himself.. :), Always ask(actually order... ) to engineer.. 


Maybe other country's  engineer can't understand.. kkk 🙂




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Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes

lol i know your pain, i'm in Asia Taiwan, our customer same as your's,


your customer is SXXSXXG ?


anyway using Harvest is easy way, easy install for you. 

Re: real-time monitor over 60 nodes

Haha. no..SxxSxxx. but most customer same.. it is common in here.. especially Big Company.. !!!!

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