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telnet log messages


I have FAS3240A . I saw some message log about telnet i think .

[FAS3240A1-L: pac.peer.getName:info]: telnet: getpeername() failed in protocol access control with Socket is not connected.

[FAS3240A1-L: telnetd:warning]: Failed Login from Unknown, IP address


I don't know what it means.

Telnet is working well now but this log occur repeatedly .

What can i do ?


Re: telnet log messages

Check attached message. 

Check if you have any cluster or vserver peer which is not available any more. 

Re: telnet log messages

I appriciated your reply .

I didn't give you ths storage information.

This storage FAS3240A 8.1.2 7-mode , and didn't join DNS and AD .

I have already searched for this log but it didn't help me i think .

Thanks for your advice.

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