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vSphere data topology export / report

Hello all,

I'd like to make a list of all VMs with attached drives, regardless whether they’re RDM LUN, VMDK on NetApp datastore or on local datastore... And Balance has all that nice info. It paints a clear data topology picture (screenshot for one VM is below).

But I can’t do anything with this other than print it or save as a PDF.

And predefined reports such as Standard and Scorecard Reports don't offer all the data, just bits of it.

Anyone has an idea how I can pull this data into an .xls or .csv file?




Re: vSphere data topology export / report

Hello Igor

Unfortunately Balance does not have any data export tools at this time. I have responded with more detail to your more recent question about database access.


Yossi Weihs

Re: vSphere data topology export / report

Hello Yossi,

Thanks for your response.

Can you perhaps offer an answer about creating pilot reports here?



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