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volume-autosized events in OM 3.8


I see some old BURT activity around this but wanted to ask the communities before openning a case and BURT.

I have DFM 3.8 and am rolling out vol autosize in a limited environment.  I see that DFM 3.8 has an event to record this with a default of "information" severity.

I have enabled the autosize rule on some volumes and watched it work.  I do not see that DFM events of any severity have been recorded.

Does anyone else have experience with these events being created properly?


Re: volume-autosized events in OM 3.8

You have to set the snmp trap host as your DFM server in filer to get that event.

Filer> snmp traphost add

You will get event once vol autosize triggers.



Re: volume-autosized events in OM 3.8

You'll also need to ensure the trap listener is enabled in DFM.

dfm options list SnmpTrapListenerEnabled

Option Value