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vserver.comment in cm_storage empty?


I'm working on a workflow to provision volumes to several cDOT systems and all Vservers have appropriate comments what is hosted in them, e.g.:

vserver    comment

------------ ----------------------------

vserver1 "ESXi Server"

vserver2 "ESXi Desktop"

vserver3 "Databases"

The field vserver.comment in the cm_storage scheme seems to be empty, is there any other chance to get the comment values?

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Re: vserver.comment in cm_storage empty?


      What is your OCUM version? The thing is currently no OC Unified Version ( 5.x or 6.0 ) monitors and stores this "comment" field for the vservers and WFA acquires Data from what is seen by OCUM. Hence this field is currently set to Null by WFA.

Perhaps in future if OCUM starts to monitor/store this "comment" information of the vservers, WFA cache queries maybe will get modified to acquire it.

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Re: vserver.comment in cm_storage empty?

Hi Abhishek,

thanks for the info, I've forgot to mention it's OCUM 6.0RC1... Hopefully OCUM will query this fields in the near future

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