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vserver is not visable from DFM server

Hi all,

I have configured clustered ontap simulator, added cluster to DFM server 5.2, and after that configured vserver on cluster node, I also added aggregates and volumes, they are visable in the node, but not in the DFM server. In DFM server only are visable aggr0 and vol0, that were there by default.

Do I need to add them directly to DFM server or they should be shown?

I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help,



Re: vserver is not visable from DFM server


Assuming that monitoring is working normally (SNMP and API) you should only need to wait for a monitoring run to complete to discover new objects on the cluster.  Note that this is not a real time activity.

You can use "dfm host diag CLUSTERNAME" from the UM command line to determine if UM is communicating to it properly, although even if all these tests pass there could still be misconfiguration that prevents monitoring.



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Re: vserver is not visable from DFM server

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your response.

I really had some SNMP misconfiguration and after fixing that I was able to get vservers and aggregates. But still I don't see volumes and luns that I have added on one of cluster's node in DFM server. What should I do for that?

By the way volumes are visible in NetApp OnCommand System Manager



Re: vserver is not visable from DFM server

Oh I already see them, thanks a lot!

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