2020 snap mirror error


I’m having an issue and need some help. My destination filer cannot connect to the source for some reason and my snap mirror is failing. Both are up on the network, pingable, etc. Any ideas?

Re: 2020 snap mirror error

check the message logs on ur destination side - messages file and snapmirror.log to find out what's going on there.

it could be lots of reason of the failure. like busy source, wrong config..

then use the keyword search on the NOW site or u can post it here. we can help u on that.

of coz, u also can open a case with netapp to proceed it.

hopefully helpful.....


Cannot find the answer you need?  No need to open a support case - just CHAT and we’ll handle it for you.

2020 snap mirror error


Do you check options snapmirror.access on source system?



Re: 2020 snap mirror error


What error are you getting in the snapmirror logs or at the console when the job kicks off?

Is the snapmirror job setup using IP address or hostnames?

There’s lots of things it could be…see someone has suggested snapmirror.allow as well…but if you can post the error you get, sure we can help out in here somewhere!

Re: 2020 snap mirror error

It was a DNS issue. They had  a wrong DNS entry so after it was corrected and I figured out how to flush the DNS cache on the filer.. BAM.. snapmirror.

Thanks guys!

Re: 2020 snap mirror error

Good news…often you see the filer can register multiple IP addresses as it has multiple Ethernet ports…always something to watch for…

Glad its fixed