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3240 Service Processor

Hi all,

I have a couple of new 3240's and I can't figure out how to get what use to be rlm working on them.

I believe the new rlm is called a service processor, and i would hazard a guess it involves connecting ethernet up to the e0m port.

However I can't work out how to configure this facility.

I want to be able to enable rsa like we had in the older system and have a ip address that i can have similar to a remote seriel port connections.

Any info or links to the doco on this would be appreciated.


3240 Service Processor


Did you try sp setup? I know the command is available in 8.0 7-mode, which it should have shipped with. The commands should be very similar to rlm setup. Details can be found in the following:

That will detail the Service Processor setup.

e0m is correct.