64 bit Volume size


We recently move all our Lund from a 32 bit aggregate to a staging area while we rebuilt the aggregate as a 64 bit one.

On our old setup we had a number of volumes that were based on OS and then we had one for file stores.

We had deduce running on theses and we were seeing a decent saving.

My question is should i just create a 13tb volume and stick all my Luna in there as opposed to creating multiple volumes

My reason for posting here is to get some feedback as to whether there are drawbacks in terms of performance etc.

Looking forward to your input.


64 bit Volume size

a key consideration is snapshot scheduling.  If you have one lun per volume but all volumes reside on the same aggregate, then all luns in one volume on the same aggregate would expect similar performance.  If you are going to create different retention on snapshots then it often makes sense to create a new volume.  Aggregating luns in a volume is no issue and we see it fairly often (we create a separate qtree for each host if multiple luns in a volume so that we can snapvault or qsm the lun(s) for that server later.  There is also the consideration of lun guarantees and space reservation, then snapshot overhead to manage along with snapshot autodelete and volume autogrow policies if thin provisioning snapshots without 100% snapshot reserve.