7-MOde to Cmode Migration

Planning considate qtrees of diferent volume to single volume from 7 Mode systems using Qtree snapmirror , where in we use qtree  destination volume as source  to replicate to new CDOT  volumes ,  relationsip shows unhealthy


above method works fine with in 7 mode not in CMode 






Re: 7-MOde to Cmode Migration



Help me understand the question. Are you trying to establish a qsm from 7 mode to cmode? QSM from 7 mode to Cmode is unsupported. You can only do a VSM.

Let me know if this answers your queries.




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Re: 7-MOde to Cmode Migration

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Please find the guide explaining how to migrate from 7-mode to c-mode





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Re: 7-MOde to Cmode Migration

i am trying qsm in 7mode ,  Because i am planning to move some of the qtree  to one volume by using qsm , and qsm destination  volume  can be vsm to cluster mode volume

here i will have two cutover ,  frist i will do a final update on qsm 7mode , and then i will do one more final cutover to update qsm destination vol as a source and Cluster Volume as Destination using VSM

Hope it make sense to you..

Re: 7-MOde to Cmode Migration

So you are running a qtree consolidation to a staging volume on a 7mode controller, then using TDP volume snapmirror to migrate the staging volume to the cluster, but there is some issue with the TDP relationship.  Correct?