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7-Mode Transition to HCI?

We are looking at various options for upgrading the NetApp environment in our remote offices from 7-mode 2220s to either cdot 2620s, commodity hardware with cdot OnTAP Select, or possibly HCI running cdot OnTAP Select. Does anyone know if you can perform 7-mode transitions to OnTAP Select running on HCI hardware?


Re: 7-Mode Transition to HCI?

The 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT) version 3.3 (Release September 2017) adds ONTAP Select as a destination for Copy-Base-Transitions (CBT) - - this is supported irregardless of backend/HCI platform.


Hope this helps!

Re: 7-Mode Transition to HCI?

Excellent! Just want I needed to know. Thank you!